20 things that I have learned in 20 years

  1. Prioritize experiences
  2. Buy the shoes
  3. It’s okay to take a step back
  4. Change is good
  5. Kindness matters
  6. It’s never too late
  7. Your grades aren’t as important as your character
  8. Don’t count your calories
  9. Your parents are actually right
  10. Smile more
  11. Sleep is crucial
  12. Set boundaries
  13. Find beauty in the little things
  14. Nobody really cares, do what you like
  15. Take care of yourself
  16. Look people in the eye
  17. Put yourself first
  18. Find a perfume you love and wear it daily
  19. Call loved ones (especially your grandparents)
  20. Look for the good

As I enter my 20th year of life, I look back on how much has changed and how much I have grown. I am grateful for all the memories, lessons learned, and opportunities that I have had in this short span of time.

Onto the next 20,

Mariah Pagel

20 things that I have learned in 20 years