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    Graduation Dresses

    Wearing white for graduation has the symbolic meaning of “the start of something new.” Looking for something fun to snag that diploma or to celebrate a friend’s new accomplishment. We have you covered! These dresses are adorable, unique, and don’t break the bank!

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    Trying Something New

    I am not always the first to jump at trying out new things. I tend to get the same dish at my favorite restaurant every time I go or listen to the same 5 songs day after day. Why? It’s comfortable and I know that I like it but I wouldn’t have known this if I wouldn’t have tried it in the first place. Alright, here is little me. Cute, huh? Well as an eager 5th grader I had struggled in Art class. My teacher wasn’t too impressed by the set of skills that I had. Stick figures and eraser marks were a large part of my projects. I just…