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    Ray Cole speaks at the American Marketing Association’s general meeting

    AMA general meeting on Wednesday in Aliber 101 at Drake University. By, Mariah Pagel Ray Cole is the president and CEO of Citadel Communications. He is planning to discuss his book Hangin’ with Winners and share his experiences of engaging with iconic leaders and changemakers in television, politics, and philanthropy. Well-known names like; Jimmy Kimmel, Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, Michael J. Fox, and more. The AMA meeting begins at 9 pm on Wednesday in Aliber 101. All Drake students, alumni, faculty, staff, and supporters are welcome to join the AMA chapter members at the monthly meeting.  “I think it is beneficial to listen to business leaders on their experiences. I…

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    Drake University welcomes athletes at the Drake Relays

    Drake Stadium will host the annual track meet. The relays combine talent, passion, and excitement into an action-packed event. By, Mariah Pagel The Drake Relays is a large track meet that gathers some of the best athletes in the world to compete at the “famous” blue oval. Des Moines is home to the 112th relays and continues to excite the track world.  This event is so much more than just a track meet, Drake alumni return to their alma mater to reconnect with their previous friends and enjoy the Des Moines activities. Students participate in traditions like the paint fight and watch the performance of a relays artist. This year’s…

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    Ice Cream

    As I had mentioned I am a huge foodie and enjoy traveling, this has led me to find the best ice cream spots across the nation. Today I will be sharing my top five ice cream shops in the Des Moines area. 5. Snookies Malt Shop, Beaverdale 4. The Outside Scoop, Des Moines Area 3. Home Sweet Cone, Waukee 2. Over the Top, Plesant Hill Black Cat Creamery, Des Moines As the warm weather approaches, I thought this would be a wonderful idea to share my personal favorites. One of my values is supporting local businesses and often the small organizations make smaller batches resulting in a better quality product.…

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    Graduation Dresses

    Wearing white for graduation has the symbolic meaning of “the start of something new.” Looking for something fun to snag that diploma or to celebrate a friend’s new accomplishment. We have you covered! These dresses are adorable, unique, and don’t break the bank!

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    Trying Something New

    I am not always the first to jump at trying out new things. I tend to get the same dish at my favorite restaurant every time I go or listen to the same 5 songs day after day. Why? It’s comfortable and I know that I like it but I wouldn’t have known this if I wouldn’t have tried it in the first place. Alright, here is little me. Cute, huh? Well as an eager 5th grader I had struggled in Art class. My teacher wasn’t too impressed by the set of skills that I had. Stick figures and eraser marks were a large part of my projects. I just…