Drake University welcomes athletes at the Drake Relays

Drake Stadium will host the annual track meet. The relays combine talent, passion, and excitement into an action-packed event.

By, Mariah Pagel

The Drake Relays is a large track meet that gathers some of the best athletes in the world to compete at the “famous” blue oval. Des Moines is home to the 112th relays and continues to excite the track world. 

This event is so much more than just a track meet, Drake alumni return to their alma mater to reconnect with their previous friends and enjoy the Des Moines activities. Students participate in traditions like the paint fight and watch the performance of a relays artist. This year’s relays artist was Bryce Vine, a talented performer from New York.

“My favorite part of the concert was the last song, everyone was gathered together after almost two years of being apart with Covid-19… singing to a song we all love. It started raining right at the end, it was almost like a movie.” Said a Drake student who went to the concert and met Bryce Vine.

The weather throughout the week stayed pretty consistent with rain and clouds. This didn’t keep people away, parkas and hoodies were seen on almost every person throughout the event. The relays are known to be during a cold and rainy week, this relays event was not any different.

“I actually really like running in the rain, I ran at the relays during my senior year and now I’m back but I’m in college. I remember in high school it was raining just like this, it’s almost like a little bit of nostalgia.” Said, a track and field athlete from the University of  Iowa.

As the week comes to a close, students begin to prepare for the final two weeks of the academic year with upcoming finals and presentations. The Relays seem to be a favorite tradition among many students and alumni.

“I loved the relays when I was a student here.. And now I’m coming back as alumni. The time goes so fast but I’m glad I always have somewhere to come back.” Said an alumnus, Drake University Class of 2021.

Interested in attending the Drake Relays? Find more information below.

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