Ray Cole speaks at the American Marketing Association’s general meeting

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AMA general meeting on Wednesday in Aliber 101 at Drake University.

By, Mariah Pagel

Ray Cole is the president and CEO of Citadel Communications. He is planning to discuss his book Hangin’ with Winners and share his experiences of engaging with iconic leaders and changemakers in television, politics, and philanthropy. Well-known names like; Jimmy Kimmel, Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, Michael J. Fox, and more.

The AMA meeting begins at 9 pm on Wednesday in Aliber 101. All Drake students, alumni, faculty, staff, and supporters are welcome to join the AMA chapter members at the monthly meeting. 

“I think it is beneficial to listen to business leaders on their experiences. I want to know what helped them get to where they are; especially for college students because right now we all are trying to figure out what to do next.” Said, a Drake AMA member said.

Copies of Cole’s book, Hangin’ with Winners will be handed out to those in attendance. Students can even get their book personally signed by Cole, the co-author of the educational novel.

Refreshments and prizes will be available throughout the meeting. Students are encouraged to come hungry for snacks and knowledge.

“This is a great opportunity for students to make connections with a marketing professional, as well as other students. I like listening to real-life situations and connecting them back to my marketing experience.” A member of the Coke Project said.

The meeting should last about an hour and be filled with educational and valuable information. Professor Edrington and Professor Miller will be some of the faculty in attendance. 

“Yeah, there’s a free book and I thought I could get some use out of seeing what he has to say. Sometimes by getting out of my comfort zone, I can learn quite a bit.” Said a Drake student who plans to attend the meeting.

For more information on the meeting, students are encouraged to reach out to the socials below:

Drake AMA

Hangin’ with Winners

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