During the last couple of years, I have noticed a large change in my skin.

No, unfortunately, this has not been a good change. Despite adding many habits that I picked up during Covid, I didn’t seem to find a good skincare routine.

Throughout high school, I never really struggled with acne so it was challenging to face it in college. I read up on everything there was to know about skincare but I couldn’t stick with anything. I truly thought that whipping out a makeup wipe after a long day would save my skin. Gross! Obviously, I was incorrect.

I started to look at other factors that could play a role in my newly formed insecurity of acne.

  1. Diet
  2. Stress
  3. Sleep Schedule
  4. Hormonal Imbalances
  5. Excess oil in makeup products

When I sat down and looked at the potential factors behind my acne I realized that it made sense why I was struggling with clogged pores. My diet, sleep schedule, and stress levels were all a little bit out of the ordinary based on me being a busy college student.

I decided to add more color to my diet with beneficial vitamins and nutrients. I also drank Aloe Vera juice daily; Aloe Vera juice has antibacterial properties that I believe helped with my acne. I drank more water and was a little more careful about certain things I would put in my body but overall I didn’t take anything out. I just added nutritional and beneficial items into my routine.

My sleep schedule and stress went together. I was stressed with grades, due dates, social life, and continuing to achieve all my expectations. Trying to keep up with all that; amounted to me not consuming as much sleep as I might have needed. Although stress is unavoidable being more kind to yourself is completely achievable. I gave myself more praise and said no more often when I needed to take a step back. When I improved how I handled stress, my sleep routine also improved.

Hormonal imbalances and oily makeup were other factors that contributed towards my acne. I researched different routines to help combat hormonal acne and lots of popular cleansers came up. Ingredients like: Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide seemed to be the most beneficial towards my skin.

Some popular acne cleansers I had tried were:

I ended up seeing the most results when I used PanOxyl morning and night. Eventually, I had to switch to a lower percentage of Benzoyl Peroxide because my skin became very sensitive. Some of the other things I intermingled into my skincare routine were:

I think the hard part about seeing results with skin is that it takes time and it gets worse before it gets better. I would get so discouraged when my acne didn’t improve after two weeks of consistency, that’s when I realized that it takes much longer to see results than just a couple of weeks. It is also important to know the difference between purging skin and breaking out skin. Purging can come from skin pushing up all that gunk and access pimples to the surface but will leave behind a clear surface after the skin has cleared out.

Skincare is a process and it takes time but the confidence you can have from glowy skin is unmatched. My journey with skincare is still continuing but I’m very happy with my current results from what it once was.

Be patient and kind to yourself.

Good luck,

Mariah Pagel